How To Improve Study Skills

To improve study skills first create an environment of proper study. You need little noise, lots of natural light, a clean surface and a comfortable seat. This is very important and must be taken into account.

Take everything you need before you sit down to study. Pencils, notebooks, laptop, textbooks, etc.

How To Improve Study Skills

Develop a schedule

All students should have a schedule for their classes, other tasks or appointments. As part of the schedule, you should leave a specific time for study and project work. In this way you will not be finishing the project at the last minute or studying the night before a big test. The schedule should also include extracurricular activities.

Develop a calm demeanor

Be calm and be patient with yourself. Nobody learns everything in a moment.

Notes in every class you have

You can even take notes at work. To make it easier you can write abbreviations of common words, or write only the most important information using keywords. Underlines the key points of your material.

It begins with the with the most difficult subjects first

For example, if you have to do chemistry, mathematics, English and Spanish, start with chemistry and end with Spanish. If you start with the most difficult and work your way through.

Avoid distractions

If you have family members that distract you, politely ask to be left alone while you finish your homework or find a quiet spot away from people and distractions. Turn off the TV and radio. If you need background music, classical could help.

Take breaks occasionally

Cycling, talk to your family . If you take a lot of breaks, it can decrease stress.

Develop effective memory techniques

You can use lists when you have to memorize a lot of things. Cards are also easy to use and will help you remember information in groups.

Develop a good reading technique

The better and faster you can read, the better you can manage your tasks. The inability to read and understand important information will make it very difficult and reduce your academic success. Students must have a good level of reading to understand the key information.

Focus on the areas that need more attention

Study topics that you find most difficult.

Improvement strategy tests

A bad result does not mean that the student will not be able to do better. You may understand the material, but you’re not good at exams. The best technique is:

Learning to prioritize the information

You need to study for an exam , prepare for days instead of the previous night, coping with stress during examination and organize time during the exam in order to complete all the questions.

Create a study group

They can challenge with your peers and ask questions to all to learn from each other.

Ask questions yourself

Asking questions should cause emphasis on the what, why, how, where, who and when. Answering these questions will give meaning to the material and allow you to remember better.

Be sure to get enough sleep. Stay up late studying is not a good idea. Lack of sleep means you can’t concentrate well and will reduce your ability to remember what you learn .

When working in groups, do not get distracted.
Do your homework and your extracurricular activities.
It’s easier to learn the things that interest you.
Take studies seriously, but remember to take breaks, especially if you’re stressed.
For every hour of study, take about 5-10 minutes break .
Stretch during the break.
When you’re in your room, you do not lie down to study.
Eat one hour before you begin studying. The brain does not work well hungry.

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