Genealogy Helpful Links

Genealogy Helpful Links – Can Help In Your Family Research

The following are web sites that can help your in your research.

They are provided for informational purposes only.

Need to learn where a particular town, river, or other geographical place is located in the U. S? If it exists, it should be at this site! Click here to go to the U. S. Geological Survey site

Would you like a colored picture of the ship that your ancestor sailed in on his/her journey to the U. S? This site has a continually growing inventory of such pictures available. Click here to visit

Looking for a geographical location? This site contains over 2.8 million names of international locations. Information includes maps, current weather conditions, altitude, helpful links, and more. Click here to visit an international gazetteer

Need to write a letter overseas in a foreign language? This Family History Library site has word lists, sample letters, information regarding postage, research outlines of individual countries, and much more. Click here to view suggestions for foreign correspondence

Looking for a library? This site contains an index, contact information, and links for U. S. libraries as well as National Libraries overseas. Click here to view a directory of libraries

Like to improve learning skills? Site contains learning strategies covering speed reading and memory techniques. Click Here