Why I Need To Start Burst Training

One of the main reasons as why i need to start burst training is because of the fact that this style of training promotes post workout fat burning.

Of course during your workout you are burning fat however if the intensity is not high enough, the process of metabolic post-exercise repair will not be as effective therefore the metabolic benefits to working out are not utilised as much as they could be.

Why You Need To Start Burst TrainingSo essentially, the more intense you make your workout, the more you are going to affect your metabolic activity to become improved in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency.

The higher the metabolic rate is in your body, the more effective your body can be at burning away body fat.

Another one of the major reasons for people to try out burst training includes the fact that it increases the levels of human growth hormone in your body.

You see, when you train intensely, your end up increasing the levels or lactic acid in your body which is one of the things that raises human growth hormone, this hormone increases the levels of testosterone in your body which can help you to burn more fat as a result.

A great way to go about trying to increase your human growth hormone with burst training is to simply get a solid eight hours of sleep per night and train intensely with the burst style for around four days of the week.

Another reason as to why you should do burst training is because of the fact that it can save you a whole lot of time, an intense workout can be done within 45 minutes, even just half an hour in some cases, so everyone should be able to fit this into their day which means there are no more excuses.

However you should also be aware that this type of training is very stressful on your body during the workout because the intensity is raised so be sure to be well hydrated before, during and after the workout, this stress is only acute and your body will learn to adapt to it.

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