How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Are you frustrated that you are overweight?

Have you tried to diet and exercise to no avail?

If yes, chances are that you are doing it all wrong.

True, there are so many different “experts” telling us what we should be doing to lose weight and it can be confusing.

How to Lose Weight in 2 WeeksBut here is the thing – you can lose weight in 2 weeks if you follow a very specific diet and exercise combination.

The great thing is that you don’t have to starve yourself at all; in fact, you get to eat every 3 hours. You see, most diets fail because they force you to starve the body.

When you do that, the brain sends your body signals telling it that lean times are coming and that it should take whatever it can get. That is why most dieters eventually binge – their bodies are preparing for what they mistakenly think is a period of starvation.

So how do to lose weight in two weeks?

We will break it into two – the meal plan first and then exercise.

Meal Plan

The idea is to start the day by working out on an empty stomach. Your body needs fuel for you to exercise. When you don’t eat before a workout, it is forced to reach for fat reserves which are mostly found around the torso and the thighs.

When you do exercise without eating first you burn off all the extra fat that you have around your stomach and your thighs. After you work out, you can have a meal and then eat every 3 hours after that. There are specific things that you are limited to:

• You have the choice of a large range of proteins, all of them healthy. You can choose turkey, either whole or ground, you can eat chicken, whatever kind of fish you like and you can also eat eggs.

As for plant protein, you can eat tofu, any kind of beans, 3 slices of low fat hard cheese of your choice (soft cheeses tend to be very high in calories) and you can also eat yogurt. These proteins will keep you full so that you don’t feel like snacking in between.

• Your choice of carbohydrates is also varied so you will not get bored with your meals and you will be providing your body with all the nutrition that you need. You can eat yams, potatoes, oatmeal, couscous, brown rice, barley, high-fiber cereal, corn and peas. As you can see, these are all affordable foods that are found nearly everywhere.

• The third category that you are allowed to eat is fibrous carbohydrates. These include all kinds of vegetables. Broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce, apples, pears and peaches are just that you can add to your diet. Again, these are cheap and they are all easily found in the supermarket or in your food market. More meal plans here.

Sounds like quite a spread so what is the deal with the portion sizes?

You are supposed to limit yourself to one serving of protein which is about the size of your palm and one serving of each of the carbohydrates which amounts to about the size of your fist.

If you are worried that you mat starve you shouldn’t be; the fact that you are eating every 3 hours takes care of that. If you feel mild hunger in between you can crunch on some nuts or eat an apple.

You must avoid commercially processed foods such as protein bars, and junk will also be off the menu for the two week duration. At the end of the two weeks you can eat whatever you want but make sure that you stick to reasonable portions.

If you want your weight loss to be permanent you should stick to this meal plan or an equivalent of it.


The idea is to burn up as much fat as possible and to do this, you have to do aerobic exercises such as running the treadmill, walking, running, cycling, jogging and so on. There are lots of aerobic exercises listed online for you to look up.

Do the exercises Monday to Saturday for 30 minutes each day and then rest on Sunday. In addition to that, on 3 days of each week (say Monday, Wednesday and Friday), do 15 push-ups, 20 bicep curls, 20 triceps kickbacks with whatever weights you can manage, 20 front and side shoulder raises with weights and 20 rear deltoid lifts with weights.

If you really want to challenge yourself you should start with 3 pound weights and then move on from there if you feel you are ready.

On the other three days of the week, do 20 squat backs, 20 step-ups on each leg, 15 calf raises, 40 bicycles and 20 lifting crunches. Does it sound a bit much? It may be tough the first two or three days but your muscles will soon adjust and you will start enjoying it.

There are plenty of YouTube videos that show you how to do each of these exercises in case you don’t know how. If you can afford to hire a trainer even better – they will give you personal guidance but make sure that they understand what your goal is.

For more workouts click here

How do you stay motivated during the two weeks?

Many people lose the quest to lose weight because after the first couple of days they stop being excited about things and quit dieting and exercising. There are certain things that you can do to stay motivated.

The first is to do it with a friend, a spouse or a partner; you will keep each other going. You should also stop weighing yourself every day – when you don’t see a significant change from day to day you may feel discouraged.

Buy one or two items of clothing of the size you are aiming for and look at them every day before your workouts; you will feel motivated just by looking at your goal.

Now you know how to lose weight in 2 weeks; just make sure that once you have lost it you don’t gain it all back through bad habits.

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