3 Steps To Boosting Your Metabolism Naturally

3 Steps To Boosting Your Metabolism Naturally

boost metabolismTo start seeing results in weeks.

The first thing to do to boost your metabolism is to start eating a diet that’s high in lean protein, fiber, vegetables and low in overall sugar consumption.

You do want some sugar in your diet but 99% of the population, consume far too much sugar. So Concentrate on the getting these 3 things in every meal protein, fiber and veg. So for protein fish and lean meats like chicken, turkey, fillet steaks.

High levels of protein have been shown time and time again to support fatloss and help to build muscle tissue that supports your metabolism.

High fiber foods you want to be eating include flax seeds, walnuts almonds, berries vegetables etc… So fruits, vegetables and nuts, seeds are going to be your highest fiber foods and they support fatloss and they also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

They also slow the absorption of sugar

The second thing you’ve got to do if you want to light your metabolism on fire is to do a specific type of exercise. No more doing long distance cardio and start doing burst training or interval cardio. Burst training is exercising like a sprinter rather than a marathon runner.

There was a study that came out recently that said if you’re doing burst training, you will burn off 9 times more fat than steady cardio.

So burst training your doing 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off. So you’re exercising in burst of high activity rather than one steady pace and this keeps your metabolism high and the reason it works is you body starts producing more human growth hormone.

This is known as the anti aging hormone, so it also helps you age slower, when you’re doing long distance cardio your body starts producing cortisol which will cause you to age faster and can slow down your metabolism long term.

So again burst training

The third thing is Reduce stress levels

Emotional stress and lack of sleep can cause havoc on the body, they’ll increase cortisol; they can effect melatonin levels, and basically affect every hormone in the body.

So make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep along with reducing emotional stress.

So a tip for emotional stress is get out a sheet of paper on one side write down all the things that are stressing you out. On the other side write down all the things that bring you joy that you love doing, whether that’s a date night with your spouse or shopping or riding a bike .

On the side with the stress start figuring out how can you address each one and can get that out of your life.

On the right side start scheduling those things that make you happy into your weekly schedule and you will find that you will naturally reduce your stress levels.

Reading before going to bed or even listening to relaxing audios or brain entrainment can significantly relax you.

So follow the diet, change your exercises to burst training and reduce stress and improve sleep those things are going to absolutely help to naturally boost your metabolism.

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